Testing Your Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are such an important part of protecting your home. You need to know that if a fire does start, you have the right systems in place to alert you to it as quickly as possible. That’s why it’s so essential to test your alarm on a regular basis.

All alarms will be fitted with a test button. Press this button to check whether the batteries in your device are working. Some alarms will run entirely on battery power whilst others will be connected to the mains. However, it is important to make sure that all types of smoke detector have batteries in them as a backup. Replace the batteries regularly to ensure that they don’t run down.

Whilst the test button is able to tell you whether the batteries are working properly, it cannot indicate whether the alarm is functioning as it should be. You should test this using some lighted matches. Blow the smoke towards the detector to ensure that it sounds. If it is broken, replace it immediately.

As part of your alarm testing routine, you should also give it a quick clean. It’s easy for dirt and dust to get inside and prevent the sensors from working properly. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust and use wipes if you need to. Just be very careful not to get any cleaning fluid inside the mechanism.