The Importance of Hiring Personable and Friendly Security Guards

If you’re considering hiring a security guard for your business, it’s important to consider character traits as well as professional skills. You should be looking to hire a security guard who is friendly and approachable, as well as having a good security portfolio behind them. When it comes to the security of your business, you can afford to be choosy.

Remember that a security guard is often the face of your business. If your security guards undertake concierge duties or work in your reception area, you will need to select someone who is personable. They will be customer facing, so will probably be the first person that important clients and visitors will meet. Make sure that you’re happy for your new security guard to represent your business and clearly communicate what your company values are.

It’s important to consider whether the security guard you’re hiring is friendly and approachable. You want to know that staff who might have spotted a problem would feel comfortable approaching the security guard you’ve chosen. If this isn’t the case, security issues could slip through the net. This will also be beneficial when putting new security measures in place. If your staff like and trust your security team, they are more likely to take note of and respond to requests they make of them. This could be anything from asking staff to take care when entering and leaving the building, or asking for their compliance with new security procedures for the company.