Retail Security in Shops and Shopping Centres

Security in the retail sector is important for deterring and preventing thieves, as well as keeping staff and shoppers safe, so they can be confident of being in a safe environment. Retail security is a specialist field, with services offered by a number of security agencies that can provide various services to shops and shopping centres.

Security operatives need to be properly trained and adequately qualified if you are considering using them in a retail setting. This is to ensure that they will be able to respond to any situations that come their way in an appropriately professional way. Security agencies should always be CIA approved to make sure they have the necessary training and licences to deal with security in a retail setting. This approval is proof that a security agency has been thoroughly checked and vetted, and is capable of carrying out security tasks, and uses fully trained and qualified operatives.

There are various functions that a security company and security guards should carry out in the retail sector. There are also various areas they should cover with different service offerings. Here are some of them.

Security Guarding as a Preventative Measure

One of the main functions of a security guard’s presence in a retail setting is as a preventative measure. If they are there observing shoppers and the shop floor, it is far more likely that pickpockets and opportunistic thieves will feel too uncomfortable to steal any items right under their nose. This can help shops to protect their stock and reduce the amount of theft taking place, which can cost shops a lot of money. Some shopping malls might also hire general security guards to operate across the whole shopping centre, to help prevent thefts and to help shoppers feel safe.

Security Guarding to Deal with Criminal Activity

If an incident does take place, then a security guard can intervene and take care of it before the police are called. In some cases, the police may not need to be called and a security guard might be able to take care of the situation on their own. Security guards will be fully trained and can therefore restrain people where needed, and can safely ensure that the situation is dealt with.

If someone suspects something or has seen a theft take place, they will be able to talk to a security guard and there will always be someone there to help.

Key Holding and Alarm Services in the Retail Sector

Shopping centres and individual shops need to be protected out of hours as well. For this reason, security companies might also offer key holding and alarm services for retail clients. They will usually use CCTV as well to monitor the area at night and make sure there is nobody loitering, causing criminal damage, vandalising the property, or attempting to break in. If an alarm is set off, the security company will hold a set of keys and will be able to send a security guard along to divert the situation.