Fake CCTV (DIY) Cameras – Do they deter burglaries?

Many homeowners ponder the question whether or not purchasing fake CCTV (do it yourself) cameras really will deter potential burglars away from your home or premise. Unfortunately, many people don’t test this theory out until it’s too late.

Based on our own experience here are castle security services, we can certainly fully recommend that the instalment of fake CCTV cameras do deter potential robbers away from your own as they can actively see that you have gone the extra step in securing your property / home or even business premise.

Their initial thought is that this particular home that they’re looking to burgle will quite clearly be able to recognise me later down the line, and therefore the risk of having the police chase you in the following months also increases.

You can get these types of CCTV cameras from B&Q for as little as £40 per box (normally come in a set of 5).