The Recent FIREX International Trade Show in 2015

One of the largest fire safety trade shows have now been and gone and what an event it was. We have seen some of the latest and funkiest fire safety technologies looking to be integrated in the page. Below we’ve listing one example out of 5 of being the most existing innovations that we can take from the FIREX international trade show;

The Cirrus HYBRID is a multi-sensor aspirating detector used throughout the commercial industries to detect fire and smoke. The manufacturers of this product boast on the fact that they provide the largest sensitivity range of any aspirating detector. The more notable features include a number of unique features such as the cloud chamber detection technology (as known as CC) which looks to identify invisible fire particles which are typically unseen by the laser and LED (light emitting diaode) detectors. High performance optical scatter chamber detectors has meant that they have avoided many of the common pitfalls of the original fire detectors.