Why Every Business Within The UK Should Invest In A Surveillance System That Records Covertly

Companies are well aware of the fact that they can utilise a surveillance system, when it comes to deterring criminals. However, most business owners do not see the full potential that covert surveillance systems in particular, have to offer, as well as the advantages it has in comparison to a typical surveillance system which can be easily detected. In this brief article, we’ll take a look at the underlying reasons why every business within the UK, should consider the possibility of installing covert surveillance systems within their property.

Reduces Employee Related Theft
One of the benefits a business stands to gain, if they install a covert system within their property is the reduction of employee related theft incidents. If you own a business, you may not assume that you are at risk due to the perceived integrity of your employees. However, statistics demonstrate that UK based businesses lose an average of over 2 billion pounds each year, as a result of employee related theft. While this may not seem like a huge figure, when you consider the fact that 3rd party burglaries account for a loss of approximately 120 million pounds per year, what this means is that employees are a bigger risk to a company’s property and assets, than a 3rd party would-be burglar.

Effective Form Of Deterrent Against Vandalism
Statistics demonstrate that the presence of a traditional camera, is ineffective when it comes to being a crime deterrent. This is due to the fact that many vandals, simply elect to spray paint the lens of a camera that has been easily identified. However, it would very difficult for a vandal to destroy a camera that they cannot see. Many documented studies have demonstrates that vandals in particular, procure a feeling of fear, if they notice a sign that proclaims that there are an abundance of hidden cameras within said facility. As such, many law enforcement officials recommend that business owners should consider the possibility of utilising a covert system which cannot be easily identified by would-be vandals.

Provides Law Enforcement With The Necessary Tools And Evidence
When it comes to vandalism, a sign that demonstrates that there are an abundance hidden cameras within the facility, would deter most would-be vandals. However, people who perpetrate larceny on the other hand, are not so easily deterred. This is due to the fact that, unlike vandals, thieves have a financial objective in mind. Many bank owners can agree that even if you deploy the latest in surveillance security, the most determined thieves will still attempt to steal from your business under the watchful eyes of a camera nonetheless. And as criminals grow increasingly sophisticated, they are continuously evaluating the presence of the camera, and utilising a variety of tools to disable any surveillance cameras that they are able to see. This is arguably one of the biggest benefits that covert surveillance systems have to offer. Once a crime has been perpetrated, it can prove to be a valuable tool that law enforcement officials can utilise when it come to evaluating evidence so that they can apprehend the accountable individuals.