Do Guard Dogs Really Work in the UK?

This is a much debated question: Do guard dogs really work in the UK and if so, how do I go about getting one?

Personal security, in both home, love and financial terms is something that we all, as the human race, continually seek (with of course the minor exception out there). In this article we shall focus on personal security and whether or not guard dogs really work in the UK.

In the US, they are highly prized. Normally of the Alsatian breed, these guard dogs really do deter potential intruders away from attempting a burglary. However they do come at a price. To buy this type of dog breed in the UK and have them professionally trained up by a dog sitter / trainer, you’re looking for in excess of £1,000 if not more depending on the organisation you chose to have your dog (and you to some extent) trained in improving the security of your home.