Varieties of Security Fencing


Security Fencing is essential for large companies and businesses that need to secure their plot of land or region to keep intruders or any type of unwanted visitors out. Security fencing should be done in a way to provide adequate protection and should be resistant to cutting using wire cutters and should not allow the intruder to crawl under or climb over the fence.

Here are a few types of fencing that can be done depending upon the amount of security to be provided or even to improve the aesthetic of the land: 

Chain Link Fencing:

The most common type of fencing available which provides relatively less security since the chain link can be easily cut or bent to allow the visitor a free pass to enter. The chain links are generally much more durable and are used by a majority of the commercial and industrial properties, gardens, parks and recreational places and even sports facilities. Chain link fencing can also be used along with steel, timber or concrete fence posts and is usually made of galvanised steel.

V Mesh Fencing:

This is one of the easiest security fencing mechanisms to ensure a property’s safety. Its versatile appearances allow it to be used in many open space areas without disrupting the view. The V-mesh fencing is used in a lot of public areas such as parks, schools, sports arenas and other residential areas owning to its high aesthetic appeal and also its rigidity. The fencing is very affordable and provides a reliable fencing mechanism. Unlike the chain fencing which can be easily cut, the V-mesh fencing is much more sturdy and reliable. The mesh aperture provided added strength and stability, also reducing the flexibility of the panel.

Palisade Fencing:

This type of fencing is much less common but much more expensive and durable than the conventional chain link fencing. Palisade fencing consists of long vertical posts with a pointed tip that makes it nearly impossible to climb over. The thickness of the pole also makes it durable and less prone to destruction by unwanted visitors. Specialised fence contractors can help customise the palisade fencing to suit the user’s needs although it might be a slightly more expensive proposition. Installing these fences can require a lot of tools and expertise.

Wood Fencing:

Wood Fencing is commonly done around home properties to provide security for the property. It also provides an aesthetic appeal that is not found in any of the other fencing methods. They key to putting up a good wooden fence is by using vertical wood planks instead of horizontal ones which would facilitate easy climbing and to make sure it sticks to the ground so that it doesn’t allow anyone to crawl through the bottom.

High-Security Electric Fencing:

A simple electric fence can turn any normal chain fence into a high-security fence. Most of the high voltage fences are more suited for commercial or industrial zones instead of installing them for home applications. Certain companies offer electric fencing systems especially for residential homes with alarms installed that go off if the fence gets cut or tampered with.