Property Security Apparatus

Security technology is a constantly evolving area of technological capability, with new devices being created all of the time. It happens so often, that much of the security equipment you would have bought for your property just 10 years ago may no longer be fit for purpose.

While the initial up-front cost of paying for new equipment may be high, it is worth remembering that much of the security industry is an arms race; in that one device can often be overcome through another new device. This means that for your property, whether it be a retail, residential, industrial, or any other building requiring high levels of security; it is essential that you stay ahead of the curb, always updating your technology so that you maintain your advantage.

Residential Security

This area of security is one of the slowest to adapt, which makes sense for a number of reasons. Firstly; the risks for home-owners is low, usually because the value of the property is low. Secondly; burglars look for easy jobs, and a home, where there will likely be somebody inside it during the night (when they are least likely to attract attention), is typically not worth the risk. There will always be an opportunistic burglar who will take advantage of lax security in a home, but they often aren’t very skilled, and can be thwarted with minimal security apparatus.

Of course, it is worth remembering that your risk will increase depending on the value of the property they can steal, so you should increase your security accordingly.

The type of security equipment and installations that typical home owner should look towards getting installed, would be:

  • Good locks on all of your doors and windows, and any other potential entry point.
  • An alarm system with a difficult to guess pass-code (no 1234).
  • A dog, which can be a great alarm system if anybody tries to gain entry.
  • Security Cameras, while not necessary for most people, are useful and relatively cheap, providing another reason for burglars to avoid your property, and actionable evidence for any prosecution should it come to that.

Retail Security

This area of security also remains relatively unchanging, but the essentials for this type of property is completely different:

  • Security cameras in and around the store is essential for any commercial property, as you will by definition have people you don’t know walking throughout the store, who you can’t vouch for. They will help to dissuade people from attempting to shoplift, and of course provide you with the evidence you need should a theft occur.
  • Security shutters for when your store is closed is another great option for anybody with this type of property.
  • A security guard, while not necessary for every store, can help to control situations should they arise.

Industrial Security

As with residential security, the biggest concern for this type of property is the points of entry. With so many people moving in and out of the building in most industrial properties, keeping the building secure while maintaining your efficiency can be difficult, but their are things you can get which will be helpful:

  • A high speed door can open and close very quickly (hence the name), which makes it ideal for delivery factories, as vehicles can enter and leave quickly.
  • Pass-code entry systems can be connected to most computer-controlled devices, and when they’re connected to cars they can be valuable assets to any company’s security apparatus.


There are any number of things which can be bought and installed in a property to enhance the security there. Your best option is to enquire with a security professional, who under your advisement can seek to address all of the security concerns you’re most likely to encounter. Even so, no solution is a perfect solution, and every solution is unlikely to remain so for long. If your risk is higher than the average property has, then this is doubly true.

While we hope you’ve found this advice useful, there are many more situations which demand a security conscious approach, but need an entirely different apparatus than what has been outlined here. We will go into greater detail on even more subjects within our security blog, so please check it out.

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