An Overview of Metal Security Fencing and its Uses

Fencing is used for two main reasons aesthetics and security. Both are important in their own ways, but depending on environment, security is often the more important reason for installing fencing. This is especially true of commercial environments, where buildings need to be protected from thieves and vandals, and security measures have to be taken both inside and out. The security of your building will very much depend on how you deter potential criminals and ensure they don’t get close enough to a property to cause damage. Metal security fencing can help, helping deter people due to its appearance. It will keep a building much more secure than, say, a wooden picket fence and gate. It is built for security in an environment where you need your fencing to be taken seriously.

Why metal?

Metal is a strong, secure material that is going to last well. If you choose metal for your fencing, it shows that you really do mean business. Most often, metal fencing is made of steel, meaning that it won’t rust either. Your metal fencing will stand the test of time and will be a good commercial fencing investment.

If you have metal fencing, it shows that you mean business. Commercial and public spaces that have metal fences around them look inhospitable and highly secure. This will make it a less popular option for criminals looking to break into a property. Well protected, highly secure buildings with robust fencing and much less likely to be broken into. 

How is metal security fencing used?

Metal security fences are often put up around the perimeter of a building. It will surround the building, and can include gates if you want easy access for the people who are permitted to be inside. These are some of the most common places where metal security fencing is used:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Agricultural settings
  • Educational establishments
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Business parks

You might also use metal security fencing in a domestic environment, but this is less common. Wooden fencing is usually more popular with homeowners due to the aesthetic differences. 

What types of metal fencing can you get?

The two main types of security fencing you will come across are mesh fencing and palisade fencing. Palisade fencing is the most heavy duty option, used where security cannot be compromised at all. With ‘W’ and ‘D’ profiles to make the fencing more secure, and the anti-climb design of the palisades, this is a good option for areas that need to be properly secured. Mesh fencing is also highly secure and is perfect for areas like school playgrounds. The mesh is more see through and will let light in, so it doesn’t feel as intimidating and harsh. Yet it would still be difficult to climb and to break into a building that is surrounded by mesh fencing. With both types, it is also possible to install highly secure metal doors to allow access where needed. Both types of fence will serve you well in terms of security.