What are Electric Shutters and Who Uses Them?

Are you concerned about the security of your property due to the potential for break-ins? Many people are, and justifiably so – there is an increasing number of break-ins happening in the UK, and methods are becoming more sophisticated. If you will feel more peace of mind by installing additional security features, then you most certainly should. Electric shutters may help you, by enclosing doors and windows to make the entry points where a burglar could come into your property much less accessible This, in turn, means you will feel more at ease in your property or, if it is a business, more at ease when you are leaving it behind at night.

Who uses electric shutters? 

Electric shutters can be used on commercial and residential properties just as well as each other. When you think of security products and shutters, you might think of the bulky shutters you see on the front of a shop or business. Think again – many types of electric shutter simply aren’t like this. You will find many different styles and configurations on the market, and most now are lightweight and minimalist without being any less safe. This makes them perfectly suitable for a home environment and because they are fully retractable, you don’t have to have them down all the time. Choose to use them when it suits you.

What is the need-to-know spec for an electric shutter?

You will be able to operate electric shutters with a remote control system, or with a button. This makes it easy to open and shut but important, it also means the shutter locks into place to make it secure. Shutters are slimline and lightweight, and they are made to measure so that they will fit perfectly into the door or window space, improving security even further with a snug fit.