Fire Extinguishers in a Commercial Building – Points & Placement

It is critical that if you run your own business in any type of sector or industry that you carefully placed fire extinguisher points on hand for all members of your companies, employee’s and staff. This particular rule is especially heightened when you operate in the likes of the manufacturing industry, including processes that require a flame to cut, bend or even mould certain types of flammable products. Specifically, if you were to walk into a Toyota, Audi or even a Hyundai manufacturing plant, you will see that the level of safety in terms of fire extinguishers present throughout the building to be high.

Therefore, current positioning and placement is critical to ensuring that staff can gain access to this vital piece of equipment, otherwise fires that may be started by accident or purpose can easily be extinguished following the health and safety guidelines set by the organisation and it’s policy and procedures.