Automatic High Speed Doors for Safety and Security in High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in commercial and industrial spaces need to be well managed in order to make them safe, secure and efficient. This is important for the safety of people working in these spaces, the safety of the general public, and for the business to operate successfully too. High speed doors are often used to control access and provide a reliable system for entering and exiting high traffic areas. They can open in a matter of seconds, often at a speed of around one metre every second, which minimises waiting time and enhances security, too. High speed doors are integral to operations in many ways.

If you manage or operate in a commercial or industry space that has heavy footfall or a large number of forklifts and other vehicles passing through on a regular basis, high speed doors could go a long way towards helping you control and manage this space safely. Here are some of the main benefits of high speed doors when managing a busy workplace:

  • No lost time. The doors open and close rapidly, minimising the time spent waiting at the door. This improves general building management and ways of working.
  • Better insulation. Lost energy is lost money, and you might even work with products that rely on good temperature control, such as food or beverages. Doors that open and close rapidly mean less energy is lost, and there’s the option of additional deep brush seals when installed. These are mounted across the head of the door and a PVC extrusion is installed at the bottom.
  • Safety and security. High speed doors can be made to conform to various British Standards, depending on what’s relevant to you in your particular industry. They can have anti-fall protection to BS:EN12453:2001.
  • Various sizes are possible. Doors can easily be made with a width and height up to 8 metres, creating a maximum surface area of 48 square metres.
  • Strength and versatility. These doors might be strong and durable, but they can be made to comply with your needs and can be used in various settings. They mostly consist of multilayer PVC and textile, making them low maintenance and easy to clean as well as highly durable.
  • Wind resistance. Optional wind resistance up to class 3-5 is available, depending on the door size and the distribution of wind bracing across the door.

High speed doors have various configurations depending on the property type and the application. Whilst factors such as safety and efficiency will be applicable across the board, other factors will matter more to other businesses, such as wind resistance or insulation. As there are various high speed door manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, you can specify doors to meet your own needs and ensure they will be suitable for your industry. Specify the features you want and need, and make sure the supplier is able to cater for your industry effectively. Installation is also key, so always opt for a professional installation that will ensure the door’s warranty is applicable, and it will be fully functional.