Category: Security Installations

The Extra Services Provided by a Locksmith

We all know a locksmith is the person to call if we lock ourselves out or break a key in the lock. There are so many more services they can provide though, so if you need something relating to repairs or building security, you can also consider engaging the services of a locksmith. Here are […]

Varieties of Security Fencing

  Security Fencing is essential for large companies and businesses that need to secure their plot of land or region to keep intruders or any type of unwanted visitors out. Security fencing should be done in a way to provide adequate protection and should be resistant to cutting using wire cutters and should not allow […]

Importance of Electric Roller Shutters

One of the best ways of confirming proper security and safety of commercial or business premises is to install metal doors or window roller shutters. Often people think that roller shutters will prove to be costlier and automatic or electric roller shutter may prove to be more costly. However, one can easily attain affordable roller […]

Fake CCTV (DIY) Cameras – Do they deter burglaries?

Many homeowners ponder the question whether or not purchasing fake CCTV (do it yourself) cameras really will deter potential burglars away from your home or premise. Unfortunately, many people don’t test this theory out until it’s too late. Based on our own experience here are castle security services, we can certainly fully recommend that the […]