Author: Darren

Automatic Roller Doors in Warehouses

Security and safety in warehouses is paramount; people come and go, products need to be carefully managed and transported, and the general environment needs to be safe for everyone. Doors form the main access point for a warehouse and, therefore, they are also the focal point for security. Any doors used in a commercial warehouse […]

Improving Security and Fire Safety all in One

Security and fire safety are two of the major concerns in commercial settings. There are many potential hazards that can arise in these types of environments, which could put them at an increased risk of a fire, or of a break in or vandalism occurring. Fire watch security services can be a solution to both […]

Industrial Sectional Doors and their Uses

Industrial sectional doors are used by companies of all kinds – not just the industrial ones. It’s possible to have a door of this kind to protect various properties from break ins, vandalism and other kinds of criminal damage or activity, rather than having to install large alarm systems, or relying on these alone. They […]

What are Electric Shutters and Who Uses Them?

Are you concerned about the security of your property due to the potential for break-ins? Many people are, and justifiably so – there is an increasing number of break-ins happening in the UK, and methods are becoming more sophisticated. If you will feel more peace of mind by installing additional security features, then you most […]